Foldable longboards

Longboards have many different usages which is why they are so popular. Although, with all its perks the name itself can suggest us where the problem comes in. A "long" board can be impractical to carry around, especially in stores and public transportation.
That is why we have put together a list of different foldable longboards found on the market. Dive in and ride this season stress-free.
The variety of longboards on the market is immense. This gives users endless oppurtunities to customize the boards to their taste. With all these possibilities there is one problem, which the market has lacked to offer a solution- carrying the board. Usually the lenght stays between 70-90 cm, transporting it in the grocery stores, markets and especially in public transport can be very uncomfortable and tiering. 
Luckily the new area has bringed with itself new boards which have come to fill this spot on the market.

1. Longfold
Longfold is a student company located in Estonia. They came out with their product in 2023 as the first foldable longboard manufacturers in Europe.
Their board is 90 cm long (35 inch.) and weights 4.1 kg. 
The board uses built in hinges for the folding system. The automatic locking system works with magnets

Price- 160 €
authentic feeling to an original longboard
    -easy to fold and open
    -thin, safer to ride over edges
    -ask for special wheels and design
long shiping time

Find them:
or instagram/facebook/tiktok @longfold

2. BoardUp
BoardUp is a company located in America. They were the first ones to come up with the idea of a foldable longboard. 
Their boards are 86 cm long (34 inch.) and weight 3.8 kg. 
The board uses a hinge system, consisting of a one bigger hinge on the back of the board offering strong support. It also has an automatic locking system which can be opened comfortably by pushing on the boards nose.
BoardUp also offers an electric version of the board.

Price-  regular 190 €
             electric 700 €

    - fits into smaller bags
    - electric version
    - lighter

    - thick (may get stuck on the street edges)
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